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14 Aug'18



Without the correct training we are simply wasting our time and potentially losing money.

If someone asked me to arrange a bouquet of flowers or administer CPR, I wouldn't know where to start, yes I may be able to 'give it a go', however the results are not going to be the best.


So when an ambitious, driven and skilled entrepreneur is faced with a managing a range of new and unfamiliar tasks, sadly it can all go wrong and end their dreams.  When a business owner needs to make marketing decisions that will effect all aspects of their business, it's easy to see why costly errors can be made.  OK the bouquet of flowers I put together may sell but we would probably never see that customer again... this means disaster for the business.

The solution is simple, take just half a day out of your business and we will arm you with the knowledge, understanding and core skills you will need.  We will show you how important Marketing is to any business, no matter what size, structure or sector and how to stop you making costly mistakes.  We will explain and show you why your Brand is more important than a nice looking logo.

We will give you the fundamental Techniques of Sales, we will prove that anybody can sell.  You will learn how to control a sales process and obtain a Happy Customer via satisfactory sales.  This will improve your sales performance and profitability.

Digital Marketing is entire medium filled with opportunity, and we all operate on a fairly even playing field.  By that, we mean we can all have a website and social media profile, this is the same for BMW, Coke, Adidas or any other global brand.  What we do with our website or on social media makes the difference.  Here we will show you the Do's and Don'ts that could be vital to your business.